American Dodge WC51 Weapons Carrier- 4X4- Number XVV 613

In late 1941, Dodge introduced a redesigned WC-series 4×4 trucks uprated to ​34-ton and their SNL code changed to G-502. The ​34-ton featured a lower profile truck bed that could seat eight troops, plus under seat stowage compartments, and maintain 80 percent parts interchangeability with the ​12-ton series. Throughout the war, Dodge was the U.S. Army’s sole producer of ​34-ton trucks, and built a total of 255,193 of these across all variants from April 1942 to August 1945. Standard vehicles in the ¾ ton 4×4 class were the WC-51 / WC-52 Weapons Carrier, Telephone Installation Trucks, WC-53 Carryall, and the WC-54 Ambulance. In the cargo trucks, the WC-51 was identical to the WC-52 but the latter had a front bumper-mounted winch.