1937 Citroen U23 Light Truck.

Price Guide- £16,000 New Tyres- Petrol Engine- 6 Volt- New Electrics- MOT and Tax exempt- UK Registered
Citroen U23 in current condition and colour- 2021


1937 Citroen U23 Light Truck.

This is our fully restored 1937 Citroen U23 light truck. Manufactured in Paris pre- WW2, it was in general use as a light delivery truck. In 1940, France became occupied by the German Forces and almost immediately the German Army requisitioned trucks and lorries to supplement their own motorised transport which was in ever increasing demand by both supply units and front line troops. Many of these trucks, 6000 in total were actually manufactured for the Germans in the Citroen factories from 1941 onwards until the liberation of France and the industrial areas where the majority of Truck and car manufacturing plants were located.

Our truck was restored in 2016-17 and is finished in the standard German Field Grey colour the most requisitioned vehicles would have been repainted in. The German “Notek” Light system has been fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle. The unit markings are of the 2nd Panzer Division- reconnaissance platoon. This type of truck would have typically be used to ferry supplies, fuel and equipment for the front line unit.

The truck has a military tow hitch and is able to pull trailers or light field guns. The cargo back can carry 8 people comfortably or a payload of 2 ton.

The U23 is still running on it’s original Petrol Engine and gearbox. The breaks have been extensively overhauled and we now have full UK registration papers and the Citroen is taxed and insured for road use.